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I think you already know how much the first impression matters in establishing a business contact. If before meeting a new client you cut off your suit and polish your shoes, have you prepared your website for meeting with clients?

Custom web application development

We offer full custom web application development services using a variety of programming languages including PHP >= 7.3 (Laravel 8), HTML5, CSS (Bootstrap 5), JavaScript (Vue 2) and SQL(MySQL).

OJS (Open Journal Systems) support services

We provide installation, update and modification services for Open Journal Systems (OJS), a platform used by tens of thousands of universities, associations and institutions around the world. We also offer technical support and training for using the OJS platform.

Web administration

A website maintenance plan is the key to ongoing success for your website. As Internet trends and technologies evolve and your business grows, our maintenance plans ensure they are implemented.
Site maintenance is offered as pay-as-you-go services or monthly subscriptions with a fixed number of hours.

Online promotion

We offer online promotion solutions, local or extensive, through social media platforms (e.g.: Facebook), as well as Google Adwords campaigns.

Among the related services we offer are: creation and administration of Facebook pages, creation of company profiles for Google My Business, creation of content to describe and promote the company’s activity.

Multimedia services

We take professional photos for your business location, staff and product photos. We create graphic materials needed for websites, social media platforms, or other types of uses. We also have the technology to record and make presentation videos, or to edit your videos.

Software service

We can help you solve software related problems with your equipment. Go to the link below to view the full list of services offered!

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