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Technology is the Future!

Donate a Computer or Computer Components for Underprivileged Children!

Help us Help!

It is amazing how far technology has come in such a short time. Nowadays, computers have a major impact on everyone’s lives, but especially on children and their future!

Please join our efforts to give children, young people and elderly from disadvantaged families access to computers and professional training by donating computers or computer components that are not useful to you. It is not necessary for computers to be complete – you can also donate individual components.

With your support, the support of our engineers and of partners from the public/private area, computers will get to:

  • children and young people with low financial possibilities;
  • school labs without adequate equipment;
  • NGOs that support the education of children, young people and elderly;
  • public libraries.

We believe that by your gesture you will offer access to digital education to all those without opportunities!

Let’s build the FUTURE together, giving access to technology!

For more details on donations, please use the information in the contact section.

List of computer donations (85 computers):


2018 * 1 computer
2017 * 37 computers
2016 * 12 computers
2015 * 31 computers

2014 * 4 computers


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